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The Ob­ser­va­tory for Arts and Cul­tural Ed­u­ca­tion, Fin­land

The project collects and disseminates information on the practices, research and policies in the field of arts and cultural education in Finland, reinforces the connections between research and practical work, and supports cooperation between operators in the field of arts and cultural education and the operating conditions of the field as well as international cooperation.

null Happy International Arts Education Week!

"Following the success of the Second World Conference on Arts Education (Seoul, 2010), the UNESCO’s General Conference at its 36th session in 2011 proclaimed the fourth week of May as International Arts Education Week. The International Arts Education Week aims at increasing the international community’s awareness on the importance of arts education and at reinforcing its co-operation by promoting cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion."

- World Alliance for Arts Education: History of International Arts Education Week.


UNESCO's video Why Arts Education Matters: